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Did you know that acupuncture can provide a safe and effective way of preventing, treating or alleviating the symptoms of health complaints that may be experienced during pregnancy.

These include: • nausea and vomiting • anaemia • constipation • fatigue • sleeplessness • stretch marks • cramping and restless legs • heart burn/reflux • fluid retention/oedema Advertisements

Raw Nutty Chocolate Slice!!

They take less than 10 mins to prepare and are perfect to please adults and kids alike! Ingredients: 1 cup pecans or walnuts 1 cup fresh dates 5 tablespoons raw cacao (cocoa) powder 4 tablespoons shredded unsweetened coconut 2 tablespoons honey or agave nectar 1/4 teaspoon sea salt Method: 1. Place pecans or walnuts alone … Continue reading

Zucchini, quinoa, garlic & cheese soup (this soup is simple and delicious!)

INGREDIENTS: 1x large brown onion 1 Cup of red or black quinoa 1kg zucchini grated 1x stock cube, salt and pepper 1 Cup freshly chopped flat parsley A handful of parmesan cheese METHOD Heat the oil in a large saucepan on a low flame Add the diced onion for a minute or so Stir in … Continue reading

EQ’s Delicious Red Lentil, Tomato, Coriander Dahl

  Delicious Red Lentil, Tomato, Coriander Dahl: This recipe is my staple if I’m making a vegetarian Indian curry; my dad taught me how to cook it when I was a teenager and he is an amazing cook and very good with spices!  I hope you enjoy it! If there are leftovers, it is great … Continue reading

Halloween Newsletter 2012

Halloween Newsletter 2012

Nurturing Kale, Quinoa, Pumpkin, Ginger and Lentil Soup.

Nurturing Kale, Quinoa, Pumpkin, Ginger and Red Lentil Soup. This soup i just invented is so delicious and comforting! It will make you feel good.   INGREDIENTS: 1 Tbs Olive Oil 1 diced brown onion 1 bullet chilli finely chopped (optional) 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic 1 10-20c piece of finely chopped ginger 1 … Continue reading

EQ Therapies au…

You are receiving this e-newsletter as you are a client or friend of EQ Therapies Chinese Medicine Clinics. We offer you delicious secret recipes, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) snippets of wisdom, dietary, beauty, relaxation & nutritional tips about how to look and feel fantastic throughout the seasons!!  If you enjoy the EQ e-newsletter please share … Continue reading