Preconception Care

pregnancy acupuncture, fertility acupuncture, acupuncture for infertility“Nourish the soil before planting the seed” Chinese proverb.

Our goal is not just for you to get pregnant but to help you have a healthy baby and a healthy life.

Did you know that the most important time for determining your chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby is in the three months before conception? Women’s follicles are recruited over 3-5 months before being chosen for ovulation. This is why it is optimal to treat for at least 3 months to properly regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones, and optimise egg quality.

You may have clues that your reproductive system is out of balance if you experience PMS, painful periods, heavy bleeding, or irregular periods. Our first goal is to help you create the optimal fertile environment and be able to optimise this short window of time each month. It is never too late to prepare yourself and your partner for pregnancy. Our treatment protocol of herbal formulas, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling is designed to restore healthful balance and promote normal hormonal functioning during this crucial time.

How TCM Can Optimize Your Reproductive Health:

  1. Regulate the menstrual cycle
  2. Stress reduction, relaxation
  3. Regulate hormones
  4. Improves ovarian blood flow – increases ovarian response
  5. Improve ovarian function – more follicles, better egg quality
  6. Strengthens the immune system – overall health & well-being
  7. Increases blood flow to the uterus – improving endometrial lining
  8. Enhance the chances of successful implantation
  9. Improves sperm counts, motility and morphology
  10. Lessens side effects from hormonal treatments
  11. Increase endorphins.
  12. Prevent miscarriage –thus increasing your chance of a live birth and healthy baby

Fertility Treatments:

We understand that struggling with fertility problems can be stressful and overwhelming. We will listen to your concerns and carefully assess all the physical and emotional factors that might be affecting your reproductive health or that of your partner. After a thorough evaluation your practitioner will develop an individual treatment plan designed to heal the underlying cause of your reproductive disorder and to naturally optimise you and your partner’s fertility.


I came to Emma highly anxious and stressed. I had been TTC  for 2 years, and I really wanted a natural pregnancy. After 4 months of Chinese herbs and regular acupuncture I finally fell pregnant! Emma then supported me through the pregnancy, reducing my morning sickness, constipation and anxiety. I went on to have a beautiful home birth and a healthy baby boy named Leroy 🙂 (Claire Peterson, Journalist 2012)

After trying to fall pregnant for 18 months,  I commenced weekly session  of acupuncture with Emma with the plan to start IVF within 6 months if we could not fall pregnant naturally. With Emma’s knowledge of fertility and acupuncture, this helped me makes the changes I needed to my lifestyle to assist in a natural pregnancy. After 5 months of seeing Emma, we successfully fell pregnant one month shy of starting IVF. We have not been blessed with a beautiful baby girl Harper (pic on right), born this August .
(Sharon Cunningham, Solicitor 2012)
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