IVF & ICSI Support

Acupuncture can help provide physical and emotional support leading up to and throughout an IVF, IUI or ICSI cycle, as well as optimizing your chances of getting pregnant and having a safe pregnancy and live birth.

Acupuncture assists the IVF process by:

Improving egg quality
Decreasing stress & anxiety levels
Stabilising hormone levels
Improving blood and energy flow to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes
Improving the quality and thickness of endometrium
Improving sperm count, motility and morphology
Improving your sleeping patterns
Support during embryo transfer
Reducing miscarriage

Treatment Program:

As part of our holistic approach to IVF support, we recommend our pre-conception care program, including weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine, at least three months before beginning a IVF cycle. This to gives your body the best chance of producing good quality eggs and sperm, prepare the uterine lining, balance the hormones and reduce any stress or anxiety.

Acupuncture after egg collection
It is recommended that you have an acupuncture treatment after egg collection, this reduces any local tissue trauma or bleeding, and helps to prepare a calm environment for the arrival of your embryo.

Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer
Two treatments are given, one pre transfer and another post transfer. These treatments are based on protocols used in clinical trials showing up to 65% increase in pregnancy rates.

After your transfer:
We would like to continue to see you weekly until week 13-14 to support your pregnancy, or continue with weekly treatments leading up to your next transfer or assisted cycle.


 *After 5 years of trying to conceive I am finally 27 weeks pregnant with ivf twin girls! Part of what allowed this miracle to happen was seeing Emma for weekly acupuncture sessions, for the last 4 months, as well as discussing relevant health issues and making needed lifestyle changes according to Emma’s knowledge on fertility. I am continuing with these sessions until birth and believe it is an important component to a successful pregnancy and delivery in December. Thanks Emma! (Louise Victor, Professor, Sydney 2012)
*After trying to fall pregnant for 18 months,  I commenced weekly session’s  of acupuncture with Emma with the plan to start IVF within 6 months if we could not fall pregnant naturally. With Emma’s knowledge of fertility and acupuncture, this helped me make the changes I needed to my lifestyle to assist in falling pregnant naturally. After 5 months of seeing Emma, we successfully fell pregnant one month shy of staring IVF. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl Harper (pic on right), born this August. (Sharon Cunningham, Solicitor & mum, North Sydney 2012)
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